Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Tribute to Special Women

When Mother's Day comes around each year, naturally thoughts turn to my mother with whom I was blessed to have for 59 years. For most of those years we were able to celebrate Mother's Day together sometimes on the day & sometimes a day before or after. She was very close to me and in her last few years we had to reverse roles for many things. Mother was a Christian dedicated to spreading Christ's love to all she came in contact. For many years she was a vital part of my dad's ministry. She was a "mom" to several other women and they loved her dearly.

I have always believed that any woman who played a vital part in contributing to the life of a child should be honored on Mother's Day. Growing up I had several such mentors in my life: my grandmother who lived with us, my very special aunt who though she had no children of her own gave love generously to my brother and I as well many other children...teachers who molded my academic ethics, a Sunday School teacher who taught the love of Jesus, women with whom I had friendship and could talk over teen issues that I couldn't talk to my own mother about....Then as an adult a woman with whom I came to love as much as my mother when I married her son and later divorced. She remained my "Mom" for more than 35 years later and I had the honor and privilege to be invited to her funeral last summer.

So on this Mother's Day think of all the women who have been a part of your life. If they are alive, say thank you and tell them how important to you they are. May you all be blessed on this Mother's Day!